Our roots


Our firm has proudly been serving and supporting our community since 1951 when James G. Eveson and Charles A. Snyder first opened the doors under the Firm name, Eveson and Snyder.

Over 60 years later, our firm has a new name, Connected Professional Accountants, LLC. While much has changed, our partners and staff are as committed to our community as ever and we look forward to continuing to provide our professional services.

In an industry that is ever changing, our goal is to provide current information and peace of mind to our clients, knowing that they are getting the best service possible.

1951 - James G. Eveson and Charles A. Snyder create Eveson and Snyder, CPA’s.

1965 - Terry Lincoln joins the firm.

1966 - In the midst of a disastrous fire that consumed the entire office, James Seydel moves from Nebraska to join the firm.

XXXX - The firm name is changed to Eveson, Snyder, Lincoln & Company as Terry Lincoln becomes a partner.

1976 - James Seydel becomes a partner and Brent Lewis joins the firm as a junior partner.

1979 - Mike Moeller joins the firm.

1982 - Brent Lewis becomes a full partner, changing the firm name to Eveson, Snyder, Lincoln, Seydel and Lewis, CPA’s.

1994 - Mike Poe joins the firm.

1998 - Mike Poe becomes partner.

1999 - The firm name is changed to Snyder, Seydel, Lewis, Poe, Moeller, LLC.

2001 - Brent Gunderson joins the firm.

2004 - Brent Gunderson, at age 25, becomes the youngest person in the history of the firm to become partner. The firm name changes to Seydel, Lewis, Poe, Moeller and Gunderson, LLC.

2008 - Yvonne Roberts joins the firm.

2010 - Chelsea Herron joins the firm.

2015 - Yvonne Roberts becomes the first woman partner at the firm, changing the name to Lewis, Poe, Moeller, Gunderson and Roberts, LLC.

2016 - Chelsea (Herron) Hewitt becomes a partner.

2018 - After six different name changes the firm adopts the permanent name, Connected Professional Accountant, LLC.

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