Connected Wealth Solutions, LLC (CWS) is an independent Registered Investment Advisory company owned and operated by Brent M. Gunderson and Michael R. Poe.

Our Story

We are Connected Wealth Solutions LLC, locally owned, but part of a growing collaboration of CPA wealth advisors. We are committed to helping our valued clients achieve their financial goals.

In 2015, our CPA firm decided that our clients could benefit from a wealth management service that took into account the tax implications of investing. Our approach is to put your goals and interests first. as your Wealth managers and trusted tax advisors, we can help connect your financial present to your financial future.

Our Promise

When you choose to work with an advisor, you expect that person will be there to do what’s best for you. Unfortunately, many “financial advisors” and brokers are in the business of selling, not serving clients. Our approach is different. We believe that making our client's interests a priority, we achieve more together.

As fiduciaries, we have embraced the highest legal standard to act in your best interests. Ultimately, what sets us apart is what brings us together: a passion for academic evidence, a commitment to transparency and a promise to put your interests first in everything we do.

Our Collaborative Partner

BAM Advisor Services is our partner in this journey. BAM Advisor Service is based in St. Louis, MO and is home of the BAM ALLIANCE, a national community of more than 135 independent like-minded advisory firms. BAM Advisor Services manages or administers over $34 billion in assets.

Their Investment Policy Committee sets the firms wide investment strategy. They work closely with our wealth management team to create personalized financial plans and tailored investment portfolios. As your life changes and your needs evolve, the vast resources of tax strategy, risk management, wealth transfer, and retirement planning professionals go to work for you, leveraging their collective experience to guide you through your biggest financial decisions.

Our Advise

At Connected Wealth Solutions LLC, we are fiduciaries. By law, we must put your interests first in everything we do on your behalf. This pledge will be present in every part of your experience with us, from the advice we give to the plan we create to the fees we charge.

The majority of financial advisors adhere to the suitability standard. They are merely required to do what is suitable for your needs. Those advisors can recommend products and give advice that in some way fits your situation, but may result in higher fees to you and/or a larger commission for them. Advisors, who operate under the suitability standard, are not required to put YOUR needs ahead of their own.

It’s your money; you deserve the fiduciary standard!

We invite you to schedule a complimentary wealth analysis with one of our licensed wealth advisors.

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